Messenger Bags, Shoulder Bags for Men and Women made of Leather

Messenger bags and shoulder bags from Greenwood - the right vintage look for everyone!

Our shoulder bags convince with their elegant design as well as with their functionality. Regardless of whether you use them to store valuable and important things such as your cell phone, wallet, hygiene products or the front door key, or whether you simply wear them as a stylish accessory, with the shoulder bags from Greenwood you will become a real eye-catcher either way the streets.
The bags are made of highly processed leather and promise high quality and durability. With our selection of different models, there is something for everyone. No matter where - our shoulder bags offer advantages for every area of ​​life and adapt individually to your look.

With the different versions, you can rely on one thing above all - security. You don't need to worry that someone will mess with your bag on the train or at the bus stop. Thanks to the extremely good workmanship of the fasteners and buckles, your valuables are always safe and well packed. The individual compartments are very spacious and offer space for a variety of items. Particularly noteworthy is the additional zipper under the flap of almost all of our shoulder bags. With this specially designed locking mechanism, we guarantee you an even higher level of security.
Also worth mentioning is the always modern vintage look of our leather shoulder bags. This elegant design is very popular these days and is therefore often sold out quickly. At Greenwood, we also offer our products in different colors and designs in order to provide the right bag for every style.

Regardless of gender - with us everyone will find the right messenger bags and shoulder bags

Leather shoulder bags, messenger bags for men and women

It doesn't matter whether you are a man or a woman - our range is so large that everyone will find their dream bag! We have classic women's shoulder bags that not only fit universally with almost every outfit, but also have enough space for important items such as lipstick, handkerchiefs, cell phones, wallets or other cosmetics. While these bags score above all with their appearance and aesthetics, Greenwood also offers shoulder bags that are particularly impressive due to their functionality.
We can also convince with a large selection of unisex shoulder bags for every gender, which, thanks to their leather and vintage look, can be worn by everyone without having to sacrifice the look and effect of your outfit. These include our messenger bags, laptop bags, handbags and shoulder bags, all of which can be worn around the neck. Diversity and access to the general public are very important to us and therefore have a firm place in our corporate philosophy.


From university, to work and in your free time - practical, good-looking and comfortable at all times

Multifunctionality is becoming more and more important for people. This also applies to the fashion sector. Fortunately, our shoulder bags can be used for university, work, trips, and leisure activities - and that even at the same time. This is mainly due to the modern yet timeless vintage look of the bags and the comfortable way of carrying them, to which the unbelievably low weight also contributes. The unique feel also promises an incredible feeling with every contact with the bag.
Whether it's the laptop for the presentation or the documents for the next big project, enough space and spaciousness are not the problem. The stability is also guaranteed by a well-attached shoulder strap. Well-known everyday situations in which things may be a bit more hasty and quicker are less stress-free thanks to our products. Thanks to different locking mechanisms, such as high-quality zippers and metal buckles, you don't have to worry that something will fall out of your pocket if you have to go quickly again.
The well-known chaos in the handbag is also no problem for the practical shoulder bags from Greenwood. The sensible separation into different compartments makes it easier than ever to keep your own pocket tidy.


Natural materials and the finest craftsmanship - the messenger bags and shoulder bags from Greenwood

More and more people nowadays it is important that their accessories are made of natural materials. With our leather shoulder bags, you can be sure that they have been made from sustainable materials in the classic handicraft manner. Our company is already in the third generation and still relies on the old technologies. The environment and nature are also important to us and are therefore taken into account during the entire manufacturing process.
Despite this individual and unique processing and production, we at Greenwood offer our products at fair and above all affordable prices. A nice outfit refined with a leather shoulder bag shouldn't cost a fortune. We want to give your look the icing on the cake!