Leather Backpacks for Men and Women in Vintage Style

Backpacks from Greenwood - high-quality leather backpacks with a vintage look

Backpacks are firmly anchored in today's society. They score not only with their enormous functionality, but also with different designs that can be individually adapted to the outfit of the respective wearer. At Greenwood, we have specialized in leather backpacks with a vintage look that exude a classic charm, but still meet the zeitgeist.
The quality is outstanding and is in the foreground right from the first production steps. The excellent workmanship is evident from the shoulder straps and the multitude of compartments to the individual fasteners and flaps that keep your valuables safe. Stability and wearing comfort are at the top of the list and are one of the trademarks of our products.
With the different sized backpacks and their unique designs, we want to give everyone the chance to keep their valuables, such as keys, wallets or cosmetics, in a safe place that also contributes to the aesthetics of the outfit. The various compartments provide enough storage space so that nothing has to be left behind.
The very popular vintage look meets the noble, but also classic leather look in our backpacks and makes you an eye-catcher, no matter where you are! At Greenwood, we also pay attention to a good interplay between an extraordinary style and a high level of functionality. Our products are always sold out quickly because of the high demand, which is why you should buy one of our backpacks today!


No matter if woman or man - we have the backpacks that suit everyone!

Leather backpacks vintage for men and women

Our range of backpacks is so diverse that everyone can find their dream backpack here. Gender does not matter. No matter if woman or man - our backpacks are suitable for everyone! The universal application possibilities and different designs make it possible. Our rather smaller but lighter daypacks are ideal for a trip to the city and offer space for all the important things, such as the smartphone, wallet, make-up or any hygiene article.
Of course, we also offer backpacks specially designed for women, which adapt to any outfit with their vintage leather look. In addition, most of the products are also unisex and can therefore be worn by any gender. This includes, for example, our travel rucksacks, hiking rucksacks or city rucksacks. Each of the models adds good-looking elements to your style and convinces with an outstanding quality. At Greenwood, we follow the philosophy that well-made, fashionable accessories and functional objects should be accessible to everyone and offer added value for every individual outfit.


The best partner for every situation - backpacks from Greenwood

With our backpacks you are prepared for every situation in life. In addition to the design, we placed great emphasis on functionality during the conception, which makes our backpacks real all-rounders! Thanks to the adjustable, but at the same time stable, shoulder straps they fit perfectly on every back and are ideal for long hikes. Thanks to the large capacity, there is space for all the things that are important on an excursion. Water bottle, rain jacket or hygiene items - thanks to the spaciousness, nothing has to be left behind.
But Greenwood backpacks are also more than just practical in everyday life. In addition to the important documents for the office, the laptop for the university and the usual items such as keys or wallet, a lot more fits in. For example, you can arrange to go shopping with your friends immediately after work and have the right container with you immediately. Nothing stands in the way of spontaneous grocery shopping after university thanks to the space-creating division into different compartments.
In addition, of course, there is the aspect that you always appear very fashion-conscious towards your fellow human beings. Our leather backpacks in vintage look always make you look good and, in combination with their incredible multifunctionality, are an unbeatable offer that you shouldn't miss!


Backpacks made with meticulous craftsmanship and from natural materials

At Greenwood, we attach great importance to an environmentally conscious way of working, which ideally also benefits the climate. Our company is currently in the 3rd generation and still relies on the fine craftsmanship that we have taken over from the generations before us. It is important to people today that products are made with passion and predominantly from natural materials. With our backpacks, we orientate ourselves precisely to these principles and try to bring the best possible end result to the market in terms of quality.
Of course, fair prices are in the foreground and should ensure that our products are also accessible to the general public. Our leather backpacks in vintage look go with every outfit and are therefore in great demand.
Strike today and secure one of our backpacks!