Briefcases, Laptop Bags for Men and Women made of Leather

Briefcases and laptop bags by Greenwood - elegant appearance thanks to leather bags in a vintage look

People with briefcases not only look successful and important, they also always look good. Briefcases made of leather are particularly popular and, in combination with a vintage look, provide absolute added value for your appearance. Then there are the many different uses that make our leather bags real all-rounders. In addition to documents and documents for important projects, you can also use our bags as classic laptop bags. At Greenwood, we always try to match the zeitgeist and combine beautiful external aesthetics with great functionality.
Especially nowadays, a confident and stylish appearance is more important than ever. Whether at work or at university - our high-quality briefcases ensure that you are taken seriously! At Greenwood, we also place extremely high value on the manufacture and processing of our bags. Stable handles and shoulder straps ensure that the briefcase and laptop bags do not tear despite the heavy loads and that your valuables are safe. There is enough space for this. The individual compartments and the large storage space offer enough space that you don't have to leave anything at home.
You also benefit from its low weight and adjustable straps and straps. Thanks to this unbelievable comfort, you can take your briefcase or laptop bags with you almost without any problems. Together with the vintage look made of leather, they become a highlight in every office!


Briefcases, laptop bags for men and women made of leather

There is something for everyone - regardless of gender!

With our range of briefcases and laptop bags, there is something for everyone! No matter if woman or man - most of our bags are unisex and therefore suitable for every gender. The unique designs adapt individually to every outfit and thus ensure many possible combinations! There is also enough space for all important everyday objects such as the car key, wallet, cosmetic items, pens or smartphones.
Of course, our leather briefcases also offer gender-specific advantages. In addition to the large storage space already mentioned, which is a good and practical alternative to handbags, especially for women, men (but of course women too) benefit particularly from the universal application options. Regardless of whether you go to work, sports or maybe even shopping with our beautiful bags in a vintage look, in addition to enough space, one thing is certain above all - an elegant and stylish appearance. The vision we are pursuing here at Greenwood is to ensure that everyone has access to fashionable accessories and functional objects and can thus give their appearance an individual touch.


From the office to your free time - our leather briefcases and laptop bags are always there!

Regardless of the situation in life - with the briefcases and laptop bags from Greenwood you always have a practical companion. The different sizes and models make our bags accessible to almost everyone and with their extremely large capacity ensure that nothing falls by the wayside. Wallet, toiletries or house key, everything has its place. Thanks to our high-quality and well-made closures, you are also guaranteed a high level of security. Theft is prevented as well as situations in which objects could fall out due to haste and haste.
Thanks to the popular vintage look in particular, you are sure to attract the eyes of your fellow human beings. Together with the leather look, you ensure a well-groomed and stylish look in your free time. The multifunctionality of our briefcases and laptop bags won't let you down, even when shopping or on excursions. The different compartments mean you can keep things tidy at all times. Even spontaneous purchases or longer shopping trips are no longer a problem.
The combination of aesthetics and functionality is currently in great demand. Don't miss out on your leather briefcase or laptop bag with a vintage look and order it today!


Made from natural materials and professionally handcrafted - our leather briefcases and laptop bags

Our products, especially our briefcases and laptop bags, have been manufactured according to the same principle for several generations. The most important things are natural materials and professional craftsmanship, which ensure the uniqueness of each individual piece. Greenwood is currently in its 3rd generation as a company and we still trust this production method. The use and processing of leather ensures the very popular vintage look nowadays, which we specialize in for most of our products.
The good and fair prices ensure that many of our leather briefcases and laptop bags are sold out quickly. So order today and get your leather bag with a vintage look!